VENUS KR Plus Rack Mount 1-10kVA

  • True on-line Double Conversion UPS
  • Advance digital DSP control and IGBT technology
  • High input power factor control(PFC)
  • Pure sine wave output less than 3%THD
  • High inverter efficiency(approx.≥90%)
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Zero transfer time
  • Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Output voltage 220V ±1%
  • Self-diagnosis at UPS start-up
  • Advanced battery management (ABM)
  • Surge, spike, blackout, brownout, overload and short circuit protection
  • Economy mode(ECO) 5-10kVA
  • Optional external battery bank
  • Manual bypass switch(option)
  • EMI/RFI and power line noise protection
  • RS232/RS485/USB Communication with UPSilon2000 monitoring
  • SNMP/HTTP / Dry Contact monitor capability(option)
  • TIS.1291 Part1-2553, Part2-2553, Part3-2555 : C1
  • CE : EN62040-1, -2, -3, EN55022, EN61000
  • QMS : ISO9001, ISO14001 Certified Factory

Product Detail

UPSilon 2000 UPS monitoring software

SNMP/HTTP monitor capability (option)

Chuphotic UPS have range from 500VA to 1000KVA is also widely used to protect electronic equipments such as computer , server, networks, PABX, CCTV, telecommunications, medical, scientific equipment and industrial, etc. from blackout, brownout, surge, spike, harmonic, noise and frequency drift